House's Monitoring Consumption with Arduino UNO and Cayenne

This project use Arduino UNO and a current sensor called STC-013.
Arduino UNO read the value by the sensor, and after put the data on Cayenne Dashboard by using MQTT protocol.
You can see the value and monitoring the values in time.
Also you can trig the value. When the consumption goes up a threshold, you can send a mail to you or your family.

Tutorial on Instructables

Tutorial on
House's Monitoring Consumption With Arduino UNO -


We really need to allow you guys to customize those notification emails. There are so many possibilities for the tone of email you might want to send out when someone leaves on all of the lights in the house…


please, i need the help in this project!! i dont’t know where the arduino and ethernet shield pins are going to connent with current sensor!!!

you can check the link for detail description.