How are charts operating?


I have recently joined the IoT club. When searching for the right system I came across Cayenne. This is actually my first project with it.

I am using Wemos D1 Mini board and I am programming it from Arduino IDE. I am trying to build wireless water flow meter. For now I am emulating flow sensor signal and I am reading data every minute. What I want to know is how Gauge widget and chart in it works.

You see, I am using deep sleep with ESP8266. That means I will disconnect from the server and reconnect back every minute. If I am not using deep sleep, chart is updating its value every minute, just how I would like it. But if I use deep sleep, chart does not seem to work like that; it looks like it is averaging the value of few last measurements. And this is not how I want it to work. I want every sample to be on that chart. How are chart operating and how can I make this work so every sample would be on the chart?

Because this system will be battery powered, deep sleep is essential. Also it is essential that every measurement is on the chart. I was writing my code according this great project.

It seems there is something more to it. Values in chart are random and it does not match any of the numbers displayed in gauge. Also values are not being updates automatically, I must do it manually. I do not know where to go from here.

Hi @pongrac.blaz,

Sorry for the late response here!

We are very interested in deep sleep for these low-cost, low powered devices. Perhaps we need to make some updates to our graph chart to enable deep sleep values to show. I think when we designed the graph feature, we did not take into account the concept of deep sleeping a device.

@adam, did you also have same experience with graph chart values?

Hang in there @pongrac.blaz :slight_smile:


I am not going anywhere. I am an embedden system designer and I like Cayenne because of drop and play features (I am not into developing my own system for PoC devices).

But this is driving me nuts… I would like that charts are showing what value was received from my remote device and not the average (or something that is neither one). This is something that I can make for free with few hour of works… Free hosting plan, few lines in php, Google Graph code, and voila - IoT server is born. But I do not want that, That is to heavy and remote device depended… I would like to have same feature with Cayenne. If there is something that I can help with, let me know.


Yes, my graphs are displaying the same as he is describing. Maybe have a sleep mode option for the graphs that will display actual values instead of averages?