How connect Sonoff to Cayenne

I conected Sonoff to Cayenne.

Solder pins to Sonoff.

Connect FTDI to Sonoff.

Push the button on Sonoff and connect FTDI to USB (Sonoff is in programing mode).

Get Cayenne token.

Upload the code.

Cayenne-ESP8266.txt (573 Bytes)

Relay is connected to GPIO 12.

LED is connected to GPIO 13.


I REALLY like that Sonoff AC power supply.
I’m gonna copy it-
They really made that bugger tiny!

=BTW, VERY kewl! Thanks!
You really went that extra mile!

I JUST bought (2) from the manufacturer- $4.50 each!
I’m so excited I can hardly count!

Sonoff - WiFi Wireless Smart Switch for MQTT COAP Smart Home
IM151116002 2 $9.70
Subtotal $9.70
Shipping & Handling $6.43
Grand Total $16.13

Do you use the 3v3 from the FTDI, (I can’t see why you would)
As I look at the photo- I see (4) lines, -so I guess you are using the 3v3 as well as the Gnd…

or do you use JUST the Tx, Rx and ground?

I joined it this way

FTDI RX ---------------Sonoff TX
TX -------------------------RX

This looks great - I bought a three of these and currently have 2 controlling my pond pump and lights.
Now frantically looking for the third one.
I am planning to put a light and temperature sensor in the same waterproof box (with an esp8266 module when it arrives).
Combining a sensor module with the SONOFFs using Cayenne would be cool.

Just a few questions.

Which board type do you select in the Arduino IDE?
Is there a way to restore the original SONOFF code?

Lastly - there is a version of the SONOFF available which includes a sensor input, but the standard unit can also be hacked as there is a GPIO pin available:

See this hack. Adding sensor to a SONOFF

So I may simply add sensors to the existing SONOFFs.

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Baord is Generic ESP8266 Module
I do not know

I was inspired here, it’s a good tutorial

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Hmm. Kewl. -Not really a “hack”, -just using what is available…
I’m liking this Sonoff more and more!

totally available -
it took 7 days, -from China!

And here is more info:

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