How do I save the GPIO setup?

I am working on a project to remotely control a pump in a house, that I rarely visit. The setup works fine. When I connect to my Raspberry Pi through a web browser on my PC, I can set the GPIO pin 25 as an output and turn it on/off via the GPIO control in the iOS app. But how do I save the setting of the GPIO pin as an output? When I restart the Pi, pin 25 (and all other pins) is set back to the default input mode.
This would not be a big problem if I could change the setup through the web browser on my iPhone, but when I log in to, the browser detects that I am using an iPhone and only gives me the option of using the app - and I can not see how to change the input/output mode of the GPIO pins through the app.
Does anyone know a workaround to this?

OK, I just found out through the video below, that it is easy to change the input/output mode:

I still haven’t found a way to save the mode so that the mode is remembered on reboot.

Glad you found the video!

@eptak do you know of a way?

Good question @bestes @jxrgen !
Use of DigitalSensor and DigitalActuator based devices will automatically set GPIO channels as input or output accordingly to the type of device.
For DigitalActuator, there is currently no way to set the default output value, we should fill a bug or feature request.

This actually happens to us too, when we restart our Pi’s, the lights/motors/fans that we have attached will all default to turn on. I’ll create a task in our backlog to investigate a solution for this! Thanks for bringing up.


Moving this to the Ideas / Suggestions category so we can schedule a task to investigate.