How many auto configure data can be added in a JSON prefix?

I have been having a lot of fun using Node Red as an advanced data handler by using the Node Red MQTT In and MQTT Out nodes to pass numeric data Out then Back (to and from) Node Red for some fun time advanced processing / math sand box.
Is it possible to bring in more ‘auto widget configure’ type features such as channel / type/ units ?
Looking at:
I have the basic (string) type,unit=value = temp,c=20.7 JSON mostly sorted and working. Cayenne’s ability to do this is quite a useful and I think it is quite a powerful feature. It is impressive to see a widget more or less ‘self install’ channels on the dashboard ! I just wonder if some other data and tags be slipped into the JSON ? Can things like Gauge, Line Chart, Value, Min, Max, Name, icon type be pre-sub-scribed in the same JSON prefix ?

Unfortunately that all has to be configured on the dashboard side. There’s no config options for this in the payload. I would assume this is to keep the payload size to a minimum.