How many raspberry on the same network?


how many raspberry on the same network ?


I’m not aware of a limit, @rsiegel might be able to correct me if I’m wrong.


There shouldn’t be any practical limit on your actual local network, other than any imposed by your router/distribution of IP addresses. As far as Cayenne, there is not currently a hard limit coded on the free accounts, but this may happen if we introduce a premium tier in the future.

I will note that we have an issue in the current architecture where if you have 10-20+ legacy (Pi or Arduino) devices added, each will open its own websocket and this can grind your browser to a halt. This does not affect MQTT/LoRa devices, so if you have many Pis to add to your Cayenne account, I strongly recommend you add them as MQTT/Bring Your Own Thing devices using the Cayenne MQTT Python Library, or one of the other client options that we offer.