Raspberry Safe Count



Im new here and i just started to use this beauty.
I want to make a monitoring system for Raspberry Pi 3, and can someone tell me what is the safe number of device to put here. Yesterday i put like 30 devices and the web site is crashing - when i open it is standing still and i cant touch anything. On the Android app its kinda working but i need the Web interface more.

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Hi @georgi.rizov,

I have 23 on my dashboard. I know some folks that have more.

Are you saying that you had connected 30 RPis and were communicating with them, or that you generated 30 new RPIs and didn’t actually connect them?

If the later, the cloud instances were all probably polling like crazy waiting for data from their devices. I could see that causing some edge cases that aren’t well trapped.

@rsiegel, thoughts?



Welcome to the Cayenne Community @georgi.rizov

We have a known issue that applies only to “Raspberry Pi” and “Arduino” connected devices where many (usually in the range of 15-30) of these device types on the same account will lock up (and sometimes crash) many browsers. This is because each device is opening up its own websocket and causing slowdown. This does not apply to “Bring your own Thing”/MQTT or LoRa devices, due to a difference in the architecture. I imagine this is what you are seeing here.

The easiest solution until this is resolved is to connect your Pis as Bring Your Own Thing devices rather than through the Raspberry Pi option in the Cayenne UI. You can do this using the instructions on this page after uninstalling the Pi agent that you currently have installed from each device. You can uninstall that with the following two commands:

sudo /etc/myDevices/uninstall/./uninstall.sh


sudo /etc/webiopi/uninstall/./uninstall.sh

Alternatively, if it fits with your use case you can split the Pi’s between multiple accounts to avoid the slowdown issue.

@kreggly would this mesh with your account? (that at least some of the 23 are MQTT/LoRa, which is why you probably aren’t seeing this slowdown)


Sorry. My work firewall doesn’t like the Community.

This is correct. I have a cornucopia of devices.

MQTT or Bring Your Own Devices is definitely the way to go as MQTT is designed for low bandwidth.

Pretty easy to make work too and your dashboard builds itself. Squeeeee.

I just have a bunch of legacy stuff I’m too lazy to change.