How to collect daily minimum and maximum temperatures with Arduino/Cayenne?

I am trying to collect and somehow display daily minimum and maximum temperatures. Unfortunately the Chart function in the Cayenne dashboard does not support this, as in a weekly histogram just one single value per day is displayed and it seems that Cayenne picks an arbitrary point in time during that day. Has somebody found a workaround for that? Does not need to be a chart - a list of values for the last couple of days would also be sufficient.

Without a local database to store values in as well as sending them to Cayenne (which defeats the purpose of Cayenne) I can’t think of any way of achieving this. It would either have to be a function added to Cayenne or a local function created by you.

You can add sd card to your arduino and calculate the desired values :slight_smile:

So you want to display the min/max temp for that day? Do you want to display it more than that day or just during the day?

Thanks for the comments. I think I got the idea now. I will calculate min/max values in Arduino and store them locally. Two widgets in the Cayenne dasboard display the current min and max values and one actuator button would reset min/max. This is also what a simple weather station would do.


sweet. Let us know if you run into problems & feel free to share your project when its complete!