How to connect and share data with multiple sensors

Dear Cayenne-fellows,
Dear Shramik :)…,

I have a general question: I would like to connect two sensor devices together that share the data of one channels. is that feasible with Cayenne?
E.g. Device A transmits to Channel A and Device B reads from Channel A, does some math with the value and sends it back to Channel A.
That would be super useful. Thank you!

Thank you shramik! I would like to connect two raspberry pis together, do you have an idea whether this example will work with the python library?

Would you recommend using the paho library: paho-mqtt · PyPI

Do you at least remember you have already asked about this and there is code for it?? How to interface two RaspberryPis over MQTT with Cayenne - #5 by Markovicz1

Sorry Shramik, I do! Will take better care not to waste your time next time.