Mysensors Gateway



I am a new user of the Cayenne web application and I want to interface some sensors using the Mysensors library. Is there an example to use these two libraries together?

I would like to make a gateway mysensors to Cayenne.

Thank for your answers.


Hello, and Welcome to our community!
I have never used the Mysensors library, but in fast reading I assume that this is a library that makes communication easier. I think that you can use the Cayenne API and send data to the platform. More information can be found here in the community, and this is the github page of the library:



Can you send a link to the Mysensors hardware you are using? I’m curious to check it out.



I use an MQTT gateway whose program is available at:
For the moment, my MQTT Broker is a mosquitto and I use Jeedom on a raspberry.

I want to control some device with cayenne so I want merge the two project MQTT_cayenne and MQTT gateway for my sensors on the same arduino.


I see. There is not an example that I know of that goes over how to use the two libraries together.

With that said, feel free to post any code people from this community can give it a look and see if they can offer any help.



I have an example over here Using Node-RED as a Local Fallback Server