How to merge 2 switches i want to controll 2 motor at a time


give me some suggestion


Hi @mmaniramesh93,

You can wire the motor to the same GPIO pin, this way when you turn the single GPIO pin to HIGH / LOW, it turns both motors on.

Does this help?



Like Mux Multiplex or De-Multiplex 2 pin states into mult motor control with a bit of logic ? Suggest this is a good Arduino sort of idea ?

Or even smarter exploit the Tri-State nature of Pi GPIO Pins
Hi = CW
Low = CCW
Input = Stop
This can do full forward and reverse control of one motor per pin :slight_smile:

(Two small DC motors can be connected to the dual pin outputs here)

I do some mad hardware hacking with with this sort of an idea I use a lot on Picaxe. Unlike black blob H bridge IC’s this system is very efficient and works at at pinch with low voltages for small low current DC motors. At a pinch with some de-coupling you can run it all off the Pi directly.

Ok… a bit off topic sorry but the words and music to these sorts of ideas are all here:

~ Andrew