Multiple GPIO's On/Off from one button?

Currently what I’m doing is using Tasker to access WebIOPi directly via http post and get commands.

This way, I have a button (on my phone) that can switch multiple GPIO’s (Connected to relays) on/off.

Closest I could get to this on Cayenne was setting up triggers, that link to the main button switching.
Problem is that I need to set up a trigger for each of the switches I want linked to switch on, and then
another trigger for each of them to switch off again

Would it be possible to either add a “AND” for additional items in the trigger menu, or is there a better way?

Oh, and maybe a option for a smaller list view of triggers, or collapsible tree view with categories?

Hey there Derik,

Yes, this is something that we are planning to do. Admittedly, we’re focusing most resources right now on getting Arduino integration out the door, but yeah we absolutely plan to improve the trigger tool. Adding some “AND” logic, and even some “OR” logic. Or perhaps allowing triggers to be set on a group of devices, such as 4 actuators…all things we’ll need to consider when designing this :slight_smile:

Like the idea of a smaller list view of triggers!


Ah, I see what you were asking about now. You were using triggers as a work-around. So to change my previous reply, yes, we’ll implement a grouping functionality where you can group multiple actuators into one widget and then that one widget would control all devices in that group.

this would meet your needs, right?


That should be fine yes, but I like the “AND”, “OR” logic ideas as well. Gives you a bit more flexibility.

Kinda off topic, but regarding the Arduino integration. Would this perhaps include the ESP8266 modules running Arduino IDE, or do you have other plans for that?

Did the grouping function ever get made? I would like to trigger multiple relay widgets from one motion detector. If I use multiple triggers from the same motion detector it doesn’t work. So I have daisy chained them and its a bit slow.
motion turns on relay 1
if relay 1 on, then relay 2 on
if relay 2 on, then relay 4 on
Ect ect

its bit slow getting the last of the relay chain.

AND OR would also be great.

No grouping or boolean options just yet. Sound like you’ve run into the same bug we discovered in this thread where if two (or more) triggers have the same IF statement, none of them fires properly. Ultimately we need to fix that.

I think your daisy chain might be the best workaround until then, everything else I’m brainstorming seems pretty convoluted.

@stephen.delong are all the relays on a single device?

no, different devices. strangely the lag is from the widgets on the first device (pi Zero) when those two relays finally fire the other 3 on the Pi3 go very quickly.

is that the case even if you reorder them (put the other widgets in the daisy chain first and the Pi Zero last?)