Hydroponics - multiple sensors, relay and tons of pix

Hydroponics system with raspberry pi 2
tsl2561 light sensor ( going to be used to turn on/off lights on value later on )
2x DS18B20 one in the tank one in the piping system mid-way
bmp180 i2c barometric sensor+temp sensor
sainsmart 4channel relay

the light sensor are in the external box ( just a 2gang outdoor weatherproof cover/box$8 home depot
Pi is powered by a motorolla phone charger I cracked open soldered wires to instead of prongs and soldered header wires instead of the USB mini B head that was on it.

I plan on having the last relay switch turn on and off my hanging lights above my deck after I go get some more wire to run up the tree to hardwire the lights in.
the hydroponics deck/system is about 7ft from my house deck ( 16ft x 24ft )
I have a pwm controller that does AC 60hz coming from canada so in the next week or two I might try to hook up the deck lights with that so I can dim them. That is the end goal anyways.

I have a bug light, a water pump and an airator on the sainsmart relay as of right now. The deck lights will be on in a week or so.

I plan on putting a bunch of packets of silica in the box to keep moisture out. I had to add a fan as the pi 2 was getting really hot. It is a 5v fan from a video card. everything is mounted with these

I recommend buying these for anyone who uses a pi as they can help you to mount it anywhere.


Also added foil around the box to keep it a little cooler. between the fan and foil its about 30 degree’s cooler mid-day as it gets over 100 here almost daily in oklahoma.


Hi @mase.hacker,

This looks cool! Can’t wait to see it in action. Make sure you update this post when you get it fully functioning! Seems like you have the hard part done already with putting the hardware together and create the system.

I bet a lot of people would love an Instructable or Hackster.io post about this project.


Nice project. I hope Cayenne will support EC sensor (electro conductivity), PH sensor and moisture sensor soon :slight_smile:

With Arduino integration, we now support most all sensor :slight_smile: . Check it out: