I need helps

I need to cayenne token
But i want only Token Help me please What do I do.

cayenne no longer uses the token, it has been updated to MQTT. you will need to use this library GitHub - myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Arduino: Cayenne MQTT Arduino Library

But i don’t need put on MQTT USERNAME:,MQTT PASSWORD:,CLIENT ID, So i need only token
like this >>>> Where do i get from Cayenne but am alway see MQTT USERNAME:,MQTT PASSWORD:,CLIENT ID,

char token ="Cayenne token ";
char ssid = “”;
char wifiPassword = “”;

you wont get cayenne token, as cayenne no longer use token, but has been updated to MQTT.

ok Thank you my friend. you has some do Dust sensor Project in Cayenne

Do not create multiple topics, you can continue to ask all your issue here.

can you provide a link to which dust sensor are you using. Also which device have you connected your dust sensor to. Is it arduino or esp8266 or any other.

esp8266 sample code like this Can’t read DATA But am new for Cayenne help please

#include “PMS.h”

#include <CayenneMQTTESP8266.h>
#define CAYENNE_PRINT serial

PMS pms(Serial);
PMS::DATA data;

//char username = “7b8d5d70-e85f-11e9-b49d-5f4b6757b1bf”;
//char password = “6055b9be8ab44f359e44b3ada5ffb75c035ebf1b”;
//char clientID = “071bda00-eaa5-11e9-8221-599f77add412”;
char ssid = “wasanfern”;
char wifiPassword = “2317012345”;

void setup() {
Cayenne.begin(username, password, clientID, ssid, wifiPassword);


void loop() {

if (pms.read(data)){
Serial.print("PM 1.0 (ug/m3): ");
Serial.print("PM 2.5 (ug/m3): ");
Serial.print("PM 10.0 (ug/m3): ");
Cayenne.virtualWrite(V10, data.PM_AE_UG_1_0);
Cayenne.virtualWrite(V11, data.PM_AE_UG_2_5);
Cayenne.virtualWrite(V12, data.PM_AE_UG_10_0);

// float rzero = gasSensor.getRZero(); //this to get the rzero value, uncomment this to get ppm value
// float ppm = gasSensor.getPPM(); // this to get ppm value, uncomment this to get rzero value
// Serial.println(rzero); // this to display the rzero value continuously, uncomment this to get ppm value
// Serial.println(ppm); // this to display the ppm value continuously, uncomment this to get rzero value
// Cayenne.virtualWrite(VIRTUAL_PIN,ppm); // uncomment after rzero define and get your ppm calculation

Do not add Cayenne.virtualWrite lines in the main loop as you will hit the rate limit have a look at this topic on how to send data Sending MQTT messages within rate limits
Also, do not use V10 V11 V12. replace them with 10 11 12. no need to use V

wow thank But I am never know rate limit of Cayenne