Input button


Hello, is it possible to use a push button on a RaspberryPi gpio pin to control a relay pin at the Pi location instead of using the app all the time?


yup, you can do it by using triggers. but what is your use case here?


Hello, I was looking for away to make sure a 30 cup coffee pot gets turned off. Need away to turn on the power at the pot and also be able to shut it off if it gets left on from the app. I was planning on using a temp sensor ds18b20, a power switch tail, and a push button.



so why do you need two raspberry pi and switch?


Oops, yes just one RaspberryPi at the coffee pot location.


rather then raspberry pi, i would say go for an arduino device as it will be more suitable for your use case


Do you have any suggestions on Arduino WiFi devices?


a wifi shield can do or even an esp8266 dev borad like nodemcu or wemos


MKR1000 is also a good device, but expensive. ESP is probably the best for your case.


You can do it on the GSM Air202 module. I gave an example on the forum.


I bought a couple of Wemos D1 Minis for $3.99. They have built in wireless using the ESP8266 chip, and get their power from a mini usb plug.

No extra adapters needed to program, board is about 2" square. Highly recommend! Wemos D1 Mini


Just saw that BangGood also has a package deal for $5.58 that has a V2.2.0 D1 with a relay shield here:

Wemos D1 Mini V2.2.0 w/ Relay Shield

Thingiverse also has several 3d printable cases that allow / enclose this setup:
Thiniverse: D1 Mini Cases