Install Good, App = Shortcut?


Hey, that installed pretty easy! managed to replace some python scripts (after borking my SD card) with cayenne, once installed and in the console I think I had a working LED strip light in about 15 minutes, complete with timers for evening and morning. Pretty cool.

One thing that would be nice is an app that is the button… so you can turn things on and off directly from your IOS\Android background… like a shortcut.


Welcome to Cayenne!

You can add a widget to do just that. Press the + in the top right of the app, then press Light, then press light switch and fill in the required fields.


Yes found that one, but I was thinking something even simpler. Open the app and there’s you button, on/off. done.

I used to do this with webiopi modify some the HTML and create a button, the use safaris shortcut feature to quickly turn a light on or off.

I realise this is not current functionality but would be easier for some users (such as my wife!) to just open and flick the light on.

I will say though that cayenne is a great idea. the downside is I will forget my Python skills!