Integrating cayenne dashboard to wordpress/HTML-Css based website

I made this really great project using Cayenne and made a website which comes along with the project. The only thing is that, can the dashboard with all the buttons and graphs be shown on one of the pages on my website or like a widget? That will be really great to me a lot of fellow developers out there.

you can create a new project on cayenne dashboard and then share the link in your website.

From where will I get this link? I copy pasted the link in Incognito and it showed session time out. Which link am I suppose to share

Create a new project by clicking on + present on top of your cayenne dashboard.
Add the the widget you want to share into this newly created project dashboard.
Click on share option available on top of the project dashboard.
this will give you the link.

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Thanks. You solved all my queries.

i am changing this topic category and hoping you will share your project details with the community once it is completed.