Integration of a dashboard on a website

Hi everyone,

I managed to connect my humidity and temperature sensors to Cayenne mydevices. Everything works well, and the dashboard updates as it should!

Only, I would like to integrate a dashboard to my website, is it possible?
Is it possible to integrate what Cayenne produces in an iframe for example?

Thank you,


create a separate project by clicking on +. Add the widget to this project dashboard. Next, click the sharing option and you will get the link. you can try placing it in the iframe tag and see if it optimizes to the size.

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Can we get cloud API key for making a custom app.

we have deprecated the Cayenne API.

why sir?

Because we have a commercial platform which have API and other cool features Work with Us - myDevices

is it paid one?

yes, it is paid for the extra feature.

how can i log into it

is your device lora based?


For time been it is only for lora devices.

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