Internet Data onto Dashboard


Is there a way to get data from the internet onto the Cayenne Dashboard? Maybe something like weather info, sport scores and other such things. Maybe so that if one team scores or the weather gets to a certain temp or wind speed it triggers your Cayenne enabled device.

Hello and welcome to the Cayenne Community. The team was released the Cloud API, so I think that it could be done with this API interface.
I have never try it, but you can read more here: Cayenne Docs

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Thanks. That will probably help a bit. Does anyone have any example code of using the cloud API? That could help a bunch and is not available on the GitHub page just yet.

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Hi there, I’d like to know if some else have tried adding some internet dato to cayenne.

I’ve read the api interface and looks a bit complicated for me, any examples any where?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at this post Cayenne API tutorial for beginners beginners with ai2/thunkable

So maybe what you both want it is not the API. You want to SEND data TO cayenne dashboard, and not to GET data FROM cayenne dashboard. With an ESP8266 or 32 you can do an sketch with reads football’s statistics with an football api (maybe there is one), and then send that data to cayenne via MQTT.

Although it is also possible with the API, you can make an app that shows data of cayenne dashboard via API, and also football’s statistics