Is delay() function permitted

Cayenne depends on - which I suppose controls the environment.

In Blynk I have noticed that delay() is prohibited, as it will monopolize the central server.
Is the same restriction valid for Cayenne?

It seems to me, that Blynk is more timer-driven whereas Cayenne is event-driven.
It that a correct perception?

Thanks in advance

it is not about cayenne but it is about arduino

Cayenne uses MQTT and must process messages at a regular interval which is what does. In that regard it’s similar to Blynk. If you put a long delay in your code you will notice disconnects and strange behavior. Overall Cayenne works in a very similar way to Blynk but different back-end technology.

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I think you confuse Blynk with blink

i just tried to explain it with the most easy possible example out there.

Thanks adam
Then it works as I suspected.

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