Timer Question

I’m new to Cayenne.
We have a cottage that we supply from water tanks. Over the past several years I’ve developed an Arduino LoRa project that monitors the level of our water tank. The ultrasonic sensor is connected to an Arduino Nano that is connected to a RA-02 transmitter. The transmitter sends the data through heavy brush and forest to our cottage where it is received by another Ra-02 receiver connected to an ESP8266 Nodemcu. Until recently the ESP8266 sent the data to Blynk where it could be monitored on our cell phones. However… since changes in Blynk policy I am looking at changing over to Cayenne.

I think the change will be easy with one exception. Because we have limited WiFi, we have to be careful how much bandwith we use. To solve this problem we created some code that would connect to Blynk only once every thirty minutes, check for a connecton (1 minute), then stay connected for another 2 minutes to receive data then disoconnect from the internet.
This had to make use of a loop making use of “blynk.connect” and “blynk.disconnect” commands.
So my question is, does Cayenne have similar commandfs?

No, you would need to transmit all the data in real time if you want to graph it correctly

I don’t care about graphing. I want to take a reading from the sensor, connect to the cayenne server transmit the data, then disconnect from the wiff. Then do that repeatedly at an interval set by the timer. Blynk can do it, but I’d like to use Cayenne. I need to do this to limit the amount of internet I’m using.