Is eduroam supported for university wifi [yes]

I have my r-pi connected to my university’s wifi using eduroam. The wifi address gets refreshed whenever the r-pi restarts.

Does Cayenne support eduroam?

Welcome to Cayenne! From what I just read about eduroam on wiki it should work fine since eduroam itself is just an authentication mechanism to gain access to the network. The dynamic IP address shouldn’t matter since the agent takes care of connecting to the Cayenne server. The one place you may run in to trouble is if port 8181 being blocked. I’d say give it a shot and if your pi shows up as offline just follow this post to find where the problem is Troubleshooting Pi Showing Up as Offline in Dashboard

Just tried it on eduroam and I can verify that it does work.

But port 8181 is blocked.

Thanks for reporting back. Yes, port 8181 needs to be open for Cayenne. I’ll moved this category to ‘helped’, hope that’s okay with you.