Is it possible to send downlink messages to the device?

Now I can receive the uplink messages from my node through TTN to Cayenne, I also would like to send messages back to the device (Downlink).

Is there a way to do that?

We are working on that right now! Will update you once is available. :slight_smile:


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Hi @hans.boksem

if you use MQTT with “Manually Publish / Subscribe”, you can use the COMMAND message for this purpose. Here you can find documentation and example for this feature:

Docu 1. Control a Light actuator

Docu 2. Receive Actuator command

Example: Command Example

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Has there been any update regarding using Cayenne dashboard widget to send a downlink msg to a Lora device on TTN?
Just something simple like using a button widget on the dashboard to send an on/off msg to the lora node joined to TTN and then having the end node process this message and turn on an LED.

After a message in Downlink message - #9 by bestes
It seem that an update was done for downlink message for The Things Network.

On my dashboard I have a button (0/1) for sending, I hope, a downlink message.

Does someone has made a try? Is there somewhere a sample or tutorial about how to send downlink message from Cayenne Dashboard ?