Downlink message


I am trying to send a downlink message to my node, but when I press my buton on the cayenne dashboard, I have the following message : Problem sending command: DevEUI not found in ThingPark Account.
I am using Actility system and uplink messages go well :slight_smile:


Hi @g.layaz, what LoRa device are you trying to send the downlink message to?

Hi again. After discussing this internally, I’ve learned that we’re currently having issue sending downlink commands to Actility, so this sounds like it’s on our end and not anything in your configuration. We’re having a meeting with them later this week to resolve this issue – I’ll update you after that has occurred to you can give it another shot then, presuming we’re able to get the issue resolved in that meeting.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for your answer.
I hope you will find a solution and I am going to wait your update.

Hi Greg,

I wanted to give an update. After our meeting, we found that the issue is with the device not responding to downlink commands when they arrive. We need more information from the device manufacturer to more forward on a resolution but have been unable to connect with them thus far.

We have had success with downlink on Senet and The Things Network – if it is an option for you to switch to or try one of these networks, that may get you up and running quicker than waiting on us to resolve this particular issue.

Hi, I have SensigLabs sensors, to which I also need to send some downlink commands. And I have to use Actility as an Networks server, it would be great to have this function resolved.

many thanks

Hi @martin.kostial, I wanted to bump this older thread to let you (and anyone else reading) know that we now have downlink support for the Actility network in place.

Hi, Is downlink support for The Things Network in place too?


It should be, yes :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried this lately ? I have a LoRa device (Laird RM1xx Series) that sends data in the Cayenne LPP format. I have that device registered with TTN.

I added an Application to TTN, added Cayenne Integration to the Application and added my device to the application. I entered my TTN device EUI into Cayenne. Everything works fine on the uplink. I see the LPP data in the TTN data view and it shows up on the Cayenne dashboard.

My device in Cayenne has several digital output widgets that are used to control LEDs on the board. When I click a digital output Widget, I get a wait spinner for a few seconds, but no downlink message is sent to TTN.

There don’t appear to be any separate downlink settings or configurations, I’m not sure what I could be doing wrong , any suggestions ?