Is it possible to view app in landscape mode on an iPad


as above is it possible to rotate the app on IOS devices??

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That Would be Great… Cayenne Team ? Is that on your Roadmap ?

Let me talk to our mobile guys about this, it’s a good idea! @garystockman @Sven


If you go onto cayenne on a web browser you can add the link to your home screen and you can view it on landscape mode, but it would be good if the app would rotate.

Thanks for your reply’s


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I agree, would be nice to have rotation in the app.


I would add my vote to providing rotation to landscape mode in the iOS app, particularly for those of us who have iPad Pros with the Apple Smart Keyboard. Right now with my iPad Pro 10.5, I either have to disconnect the keyboard or crank my head hard to the left. :frowning:


Bob aka “Max”