Android app in landscape

Hi, i want to run the app in landscape mode from a tablet as part of my new home automation system. Is it possible?

Hi @omerdagan8, thank you for joining the Cayenne Community.

It’s not possible at this time to rotate the orientation of the app, though I will log your suggestion in our development tracker – it’s not the first time I’ve heard it, and we’re aiming to develop to community demand, so if anyone else comes across this thread and wants this feature, I encourage you to post here and show the demand for it.

By the way, I know the Play Store shows the app with a lot of ‘phone’ language, but I run it every day on a 10" Galaxy Tab and outside of a few small font issues, it runs as well as on the phone format.

I sure would love to rotate in the iOS app as well

I like a landscape mode to for my tablet, specially bought for my cayenne home control system ( it wil go in overlay on my existing Siemens LOGO! system)