Is there any function to test if Cayenne is working?

Is there any function to test if Cayenne is working? My point is relatively critical. If a connection error occurs, I need to make sure my circuit works locally. For this, I need a function, to test in real time, if the connection with the Cayenne is working without problems. I’m using arduino.

When cayenne can’t call the device and talk with it. It will say the command cannot be sent to let you know from Cayenne’s side there is an issue. However, lets say cayenne talks successfully to your arduino, but hte arduino had an issue actuating a relay. Cayenne will not know that, I don’t think. That’s something I’m working through in testing now. I’m powering the 5v relays from the arduino board itself. I know that in the long run i’ll need to provide a dedicated power source for the relays, but this is testing/discovery. When i stress the relays through many actuations of the relays together, sometims they will stop responding and ‘drop out’. The arduino will still report all other sensor data, and i can click a button on the dashboard to actuate a relay(and the dashboard will show a successful command sent), however in real life, the relay is not kicking on. I think that’s where you would need to devise a type of watchdog program that would reset the arduino. Though i’m not an expert with experience in that area. (i’m interested in this too as I’m thinking through that process.

Thanks. Could you demonstrate with CODE? Your idea looks like interesting. But it’s so abstract for me.

Can someone help?

Maybe a code that can bypass cayenne, test if it is running or work together with cayenne. I don’t have much experience on the platform and I don’t know how, or if it is possible. I thought of a “hybrid” system, with local script and wifi by cayenne. But the important thing is that it can not stop working.
This is an alarm system. Nothing too complex. I’m testing the Cayenne platform, and if I can not get a solution, or do not trust that it can actually work satisfactorily, I’ll have to find other solutions. Even though I liked the Cayenne system.

You guys can check out this thread for some more info Arduino Online/Offline Override - #17 by noriel.instructor

CAYENNE_CONNECTED() and CAYENNE_DISCONNECTED() are both available for you as functions that run on those events. In there you can set pins high/low, send an email, etc. I haven’t personally tested it, but from the others in the thread it should work. Let me know if you need any more help!

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