Jessie on Orange Pi Plus 2


Just loaded jessie onto my orange pi and updated then attempted to install mydevices and I get error: certificate of “” is not trusted/ error: certificate of “” has no known issuer.

Anyone know a work around?


I don’t have an Orange Pi, so just purely taking a guess here, but even if you solve that problem I think you will run in to errors as the drivers will not work correctly. I think what I would do is go the MQTT route. That’s how I ended up getting my Tinker Board connected.

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I think as @adam said, MQTT would be the best option here. Adam you think your mqtt RPi post is a good tutorial for @wmontg5988 to follow for MQTT on the Orange Pi? DHT11/DHT22 with Raspberry Pi

Yep, that would be a good base to start with then just replace the dht code as needed.

I did want to add that while I agree MQTT is the best solution here, for this specific install issue, it can be worked around with the steps in this post: Installing Cayenne

It seems to occur now and then on even Raspberry Pi devices, and I suspect a configuration issue on the device side rather than any issue with the certificate on our server – but the check can be ignored using those steps.

Looks like after trying from the post you mention(it did some crazy stuff) that MQTT will be the next solution. I really want to achieve this so time to study up!