Bug Filed on 02-26-2016: Certificate not trusted

Continuing the discussion from Bug Filed on 12-13-2015: No connection after setup:

Also seeing the same error
ERROR: The certificate of ‘cayenne.mydevices,com’ is not trusted.
ERROR: The certificate of ‘cayenne.mydevices.com’ is not yet activated.
The certificate has not yet been activated.

Did anything get resolved on this one?


Reinstalled OS and setup again - all installed ok this time but Pi now showing offline on the dashboard (reset the Pi several times).

Will look across the forum for a similar issue.

Looked like they were having some server issues this morning. That’s probably what the problem was since you posted this right in the middle of it.

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Thanks @ats1080s - bad timing on my part :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting this issue, this should not happen now. please let us know if this happens again.