Just wanted to say hello!


Hello all! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Charles, and if you frequent Element14.com you may have seen some of my writings. I am the IoT Blogger, and Design Challenge MC at Element14, and from time to time, I build an IoT / Raspberry Pi project for them. I have been using Cayenne for a few months now, and I have decided to join in on the community, and to try and help people with issues that might arise in their projects. If you would like to know more about me, or read some of the things I have written, check out my profile on here for a list of links to where you can find some of the content and projects I have created over the last couple of years.




Hey Charles, welcome to the Community! I remember you from the Foginator project last year!


Hey @charles_Gantt,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Sorry it’s taken me some days to respond to you…business travel has gotten the better of me recently.

I hope to see you buzzing around the Cayenne community. Please feel free to submit your content to the this category (General IoT Discussion), so we can get some good conversation going around IoT topics of your choice. See you around :slight_smile:



Thanks for the warm welcome! Sorry for my lack of post over the last week or so, Hurricane Matthew caused some minor internet outages and cleanup issues in my area.

I have some cool IoT projects that I have been following to share here, and spark some discussions on how the community can leverage Cayenne to create a better connected IoT in the future.


Hope it’s not too much of a cleanup! And we can’t wait to hear about your new projects :smiley: