Submit Your Cayenne Projects! [contest ended]

Hello Cayenne Community!

For the months of September and October, we want to see the projects you are making with Cayenne! If you’ve used Cayenne before, then you know how easy it is to create projects. And if you’re new to Cayenne, then start making because you can easily create a project in less than hour!

The rules are simple, and there is a prize :moneybag: for everyone who submits a project!

Grand Prize

$200 - The Cayenne team will vote on their favorite project for the month of September & October. If we pick your project, we will send you $200, and feature your project on our website with short interview (if okay with you) :slight_smile:

Participation Prize

$50 - Simply submit your project!

The Rules

1 As of right now, there is no limit to the amount of projects you can submit. (EDIT: limit = 6)

2 Your project must be submitted to the following three platforms:

3 Your project must be compelling in the sense that it has a real world application. For example, turning on an LED with the Cayenne app -while still a fun and rewarding experience!- would not be a compelling enough project for this contest. Sorry! BUT, turning on your living room lamp with the Cayenne app is a real world application :slight_smile: . Your project does not have to be super complicated!

I should be able to complete the participation prize within 48 hours after the project is submitted.

We can’t wait to see your projects!



I will keep a running list of everyone who is in the contest here :slight_smile:


Ok bestes.
Have a nice day!

from mobile.

Come on @HighTech, show me your projects! :slight_smile:

@lmjhe2009 , do you use paypal? I’d like to send you the $50 participation prize for submitting your project.

Let me know :slight_smile: Feel free to Private Message me.


Hi Benny thanks for your mail that I am participating in mydevices cayenne Community competition it sounds exciting cool. My pay pal account : PayPal.Me
Continue the good work :+1:t3:
Lars Michael Jensen

Sendt fra min iPad

I would like to participate.

I’ve published my project on hackster:

and instructables:

and of course in projects made with cayenne.

So much fun to create!

Hi @paul.hellfalk,

Awesome! Thanks for submitting the project across Cayenne Community, Hackster, and Instructables.

How would you like your participation prize delivered to you? I can do Amazon gift card, PayPal…feel free to PM or send me direct email with your preference. As soon as I get it, I’ll send the participation prize your way :slight_smile:

Thanks for participating! Reminder that there’s no limit so if you want to make another project, feel free to do so with same participation prize!

See you around,


Hi @lmjhe2009,

I’ve just sent the participation prize to your PayPal account. You can submit another project, big or small, and continue getting the participation prize!

See you around,


I like money
I ain’t got no project, though…
just the jagged chards of shattered dreams…

Meh, TMI

I’ve sent the participation prize to your PayPal account. Thanks for sharing your project! Feel free to submit additional projects :slight_smile:


Here ya go…

Thanks for submitting that one @HighTech! Any chance you could show it working with the Cayenne interface? That would qualify you for the prize. :slight_smile:

Sure, I can do that!

I would like to participate.



Great project @tad.dvor! Thanks a lot for submitting it. Can you PM me a PayPal link? or perhaps give me email where I can send the participation prize?



I’m interested with this event…
I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m from Indonesia. :smiley:
And I’m very new to programming and work with microcontroller but I look Cayenne is the solution for me.
Very easy just a little tap or click and my project was done :thumbsup:

Would I get some prize for a very simple project?
I’ll post some simple project on instructables, hackster, and Cayenne.

Thank you for your support and good job for Cayenne.

Hi wanna submit my project, and this is just very simple.
Don’t know this project can be participating or not.

And this is the link :

Will create more IoT device that useful for home use.


yeah it’s true. i try using unused cellphone wall charger on this project and it’s small enough to fit.
or we can make simple smps without transformer that we know it can reduce more size.
I found a simple circuit, just control the v out to needed voltage with step down dc smd part.