KlikAanKlikUit Light switch


In the Netherlands we have so called KlikAanKlikUit light switches, it usses one way communication on 433,92 MHz.
I use it with a Raspberry PI, a tranceiver and the Domoticz App.
Can I use these light switches with Cayenne?
These switches are easy to buy and nicely prised.



Hi @uwdroomonzeklus,

Seems there is an Arduino library, so the easiest may be to use an Arduino to bridge them to Cayenne.

Looks like you could also use a RasPi Python client, https://github.com/kvanhoorn/klikaanklikuit and check out the Cayenne MQTT Python lib https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python

You can also do it with C or other tools like Mosquito on the RasPi. @adam is our expert here :stuck_out_tongue:




Let me know if you need any help with he MQTT


There are various switches the latest are self-learning. Feel free to take a look at an earlier project of mine “Home Automation with self-learning 433 power switches” including DST and sunset and sunrise.