Language support

Hi there,
is there any plan to add language support to the dashboards ? I like to build dashboards with other languages than English .

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Hi @uk.asahin,

Welcome to the Cayenne community!

What do you mean by language support? I’ve seen Cayenne dashboards that label widgets in russian, spanish, etc.



If you mean to translate the various UI elements of Cayenne, we don’t have it at this time, but I think I have a pretty good workaround. I installed this Google Translate Chrome extension

With that in place, I can use it to translate Cayenne to any language of my choice. It’s not perfect, it seems to cause a few layout issues and misses a few bits of text (and the translation is only as good as Google is). But it’s a lot better than nothing!

Here is one of my Cayenne dashboards in Google-translated French :slight_smile:

I won’t lie, I kind of want a Tarte aux framboises now:


Does what @rsiegel posted help you at all?


Apart from idiomatic translation it would be good to have better UI support for cultural conventions (e.g. clock readings with or without AM/PM suffix, 12 versus 24 hour clock etc.) in the controls.

At that level I would be ready to contribute in Swedish and Finnish.

well, you can create your own UI with all the feature by using cayenne Rest API. there are many examples on how to consume cayenne API.

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Thanks Shramik. That sounds really exciting - as if you had read my thoughts. I will for sure have a look at Cayenne Rest API and related examples.

here are few of them: How to access Cayenne API using Insomnia, Node-red and Thunkable
Cayenne Streaming API using node.js
Python code to access basic cayenne API

Thanks again. These pointers give me a quick start in learning the main concepts.