My 1st project with cayenne - smart balcony

Presenting my first project with the help of cayenne - my smart balcony.
I have lamp with 4 light bulbs. Have connected each bulb to separate port of 4channel relay so can control each bulb independently.

All project took me about 3-4 hours. Really simple with cayenne.

Used in this project:
1x raspberry pi 2 model a
1x wifi adapter
1x 4 port relay switch
1x power supply for RPI
1x lamp with 4 light bulbs

I have set some scheduling for turning off the light at night.

Here is the result - - YouTube



Welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Excellent project! Very clean installation. My projects usually have wires hanging and don’t look near as nice as your project. Nice to see you using the schedualing functions also.

Again, welcome to the group and looking forward to your next project.

пальцы вверх! (I hope google translate got that right :slight_smile: )



Many thanks for good words! In near future i will install motion sensor and temp\humidity sensor.