Load last saved value back to device

can you please advise me how to load the last value saved on mydevices into ESP8266 for example to channel 1? I tried it through CAYENNE_IN but without success. It only works with the button.
Thank you very much Pavel

Do you mean when the esp is restarted, the pin output state should be the same as the state of the button on the cayenne dashboard?

after ESP restart I want to load the last saved max and min values back to the device

what are this values. can you provide more details on what you are trying to do?

I am sorry for my bad English.

I have a test project of a weather station, where, among other things, I save the minimum and maximum temperatures

If ESP is restarted, I will lose these values and reload them from mydevices

the approach for this is to save (write) your data in the eeprom and then read it every time the esp8266 is restarted. Arduino/libraries/EEPROM/examples at master · esp8266/Arduino · GitHub

thank you, try, it’s somewhat wasted number of entries in memory (lifetime)

do the values not load? I would use it to communicate between multiple devices that are only available over the Internet.

you mean, you want all the sensor data history from the cloud?

thank you for the patience you have with me

you just need to load only the last values, for thingspek
nactu https://api.thingspeak.com/channels/354729/fields/1/last u mydevices don’t know how

you said you wanted it to be saved on your esp8266, you never mentioned you need to view on the web? here the endpoint for mydevices,

curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://platform.mydevices.com/v1.1/telemetry/device_id/sensors/sensor_id/summaries?type=latest' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer access_token'

in this endpoint, you will have to get the access token which adds to better security than other platforms. and also sending the token as query parameter is not secure as the query is not encrypted with HTTPS, so the token will appear clear on the network.

thank you, I set it up via eeprom. Do you have a question, can you choose between more ESP8266 that are not on the same network to sell through cyenne values?
Thank you Paul

Great. thats the best option you got in this case.

I did not understand what you mean here. you can type in your language and I will have it translate it over google.


I mean, by one device the data is stored by mydevices, the other device is loaded. Devices are not in one network.


Hi, I am also new to this forum and I am facing a similar issue. However, I couldn’t understand the recent threads because of the grammar, though I think it is the IP address (https://routerlogin.onl/192-168-1-13/).

As the admin is suggesting, you should post it in your language so we can understand better.

Dobrý den,
mam dve zarizeni, ktere nejsou v jedné síti. Prvním zařízením uložím hodnotu a druhým zařízením ji potřebuji načíst.

you want device A to be the sender and device B to be a receiver? in short, this is not possible with just the esp8266 unless you are able to subscribe to the publish topic manually.
a workaround is to use a raspberry and node-red Using Node-RED as a Local Fallback Server

zařízení A uloží na thisgspeak data, zařízení B si některé data načte.


zařízení A meteostanice

zařízení B termostat, který si venkovní teplotu vezme z metostanice

zařízení nejsou v jedné síti.

i am really having hard time to understand your case.