Logic node cayenne offline

Suppose we have a logic based on sketch … For example a thermostat or a light activated by a pir … All managed by the sketch … And cayenne used for monitoring and commands on / off … … If cayenne goes offline … How do we avoid having the cayenne.loop run because it blocks the loop and consequently the logic based on the node / sketch … Thanks

we had a workaround for this issue with old librrary but not sure whether it will work with the new one. let me check with the team.

I intend to manage the logic of an LED with a physical button locally, even when cayenne or the router is offline

we are working on this feature and will update you once it is complete. till then you can add a button and control it via dashboard or manually.

I faced with the same problem. Anybody knows how to solve this problem.

Here is a workaround How can i end the {cayenne.loop()} if there is no connection? - #6 by shramik_salgaonkar