Looking for a good high temp probe

I am looking for recommendations on a good high temperature probe to use with a RasPI - I am working on a project that I can bring to my smoker; take meat temp’s, smoker temp’s etc and tie it into a browser based cookbook so you can just select your meat, i.e. brisket, get your recipie and when it is smoking use the built in profile.

The profile will control the gas valve (to adjust heat) as well as the internal meat temp.

Either my google-fo is lacking or I have just not found a good, solid, high-temp sensor I can use and am looking for actual recommendations, meaning you’ve had your hand on it and you have good (or bad) reviews.

I bought a MAX6675 sensor last year for just this reason, but it turned in to a LOT of work to hook everything up every time I drug the smoker out and I just gave up on it. I didn’t have automatic propane adjustment either, which made it even more annoying. There’s also the MAX31855 (also a higher quality Adafruit version or the one that works with more types of thermocouples) that are more accurate but more expensive.