LPP protocol for The Things Network disappeared?

The Things Network (TTN) provides a facility to connect to Cayenne. It doesn’t require any configuration. I have seen a blog where a dutch user has succesfully used that facility. But I can’t find it anymore. Currently the LORA / LPP option in Mydevices is locked to the Loriot servers. No other networks, why ?

Hi @ons.ding,

I’m not exactly sure what you are meaning here. Could you clarify? Attach a screenshot? We support many LoRa servers and do not limit users to only using one of them. You should be able to use The Things Network server with Cayenne dashboard.

Adding @croczey and @rsiegel here as well.


Selecting TTN shows only existing hardware. No LPP option there.

If you’re trying to use TTN, then you need to select TTN in the list of available network on the left hand side. See image below with red box around The Things Network. Does this solve the issue?


Thank you. I did’nt spot the LPP under TTN previously.
I used the search box, and that only shows Loriot.

Issue solved.

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Great! If you create a project w/ TTN LoRa + Cayenne share it with our community here. I think we will start seeing more LoRa project submitted soon, esp. with TTN integration :slight_smile:

Yeah looks like Loriot is defaulted for some reason when LPP is selected. I didn’t know this. Will see if we can’t have a better experience here.