TTN (Things Network) Integration with Cayenne myDevices

I have myDevices set up on my Things Network console specifically under applications integration:

The PayloadFormat is set to CayenneLPP:

Here is an image of my device overview on the Things Network:

On my Cayenne account I created a CayenneLPP device:
The steps I took were - Click add new device & widgets, select LoRa, select Things Network, and choose CayenneLPP. Before clicking add device, insert your Device EUI.

Next, I ran my code I had on my Raspberry Pi Model 3 B. I had already connected my Adafruit LoRa Radio Bonnet 915MHz rfm915 to my Raspberry Pi and already set up my gateway. I was able to send data from the LoRa Node to the gateway but was not able to set the data from the Things Network to Cayenne.

How can I send data from the Things Network to Cayenne? I am wondering if I have the integration set up correctly?

Is the device sending data in cayenne LPP format?

Yes I have the device set to send the data in Cayenne LPP format.

I believe that this screenshot shows that my payload is in the correct Cayenne LPP format?

can you share the DevEUI.