Make a thermostat with DS18B20 sensor and a trigger

I would like to make a thermostat. I have a sensor DS18B20 and i would like to compare the temperature with the input value of a slider. I´m trying to make a trigger but I only can compare temperature values with a number fixed in the trigger not in the slider.
Is it possible to solve this problem?.

Thank you

certo, basta che fissi lo slider come valore anche interno a esp8266 e fai un in then e risolvi

“Grazie mille” but I´m using a Raspberry PI connected to DS18B20 sensor. I haven´t an ESP8266 module. is it possible to find an solution without new hardware?

with raspberry pi agent you won’t be able to do this. You can use cayenne python library for this kind of application and do it in the code.

Ok. Thank you.