Managing & limiting trigger notifications - Raspberry p1

I have a DS18B20 temperature sensor connected to my Pi.

I can see how to set up a trigger, but do not understand how the value change panels for this work. They don’t all change and I cannot understand why. Can somebody pls explain them?

Secondly - what I want to achieve is detection of temperature falling and rising something like this…
Let us assume I’m interested in 15/12/10/5 deg C and I want to know ONCE as it drops past each temperature and then ONCE as it rises through them again.

Can I do that and if so, how?
I did see a similar question for Arduino, but did not fully understand the answer, specifically how to write and upload code.
(Simple Python code is within my capabilities!)

i did not understand what you want.

Not the best approach but You can try to modify code and send data to the individual two-state widget when the trigger is achieved.

Re setting trigger values with the panel that displays. I’ve now managed to understand and do this on my iPhone where all the options work and can be changed. But, see separate problem, they no longer even display on my iPad!

can you try using cayenne on the web browser of laptop as we have stopped support for mobile app.

Fortunately the mobile apps still seem to work and have now “found” my triggers and all is well.

Slightly inconvenient that the apps are not supported. It makes remote access awkward as even when you ask for the desktop web site on Safari on iPad it won’t give it to you and insists on re-directing to the ipad app.

For Cayenne to be useful the dashboard has to be mobile accessible.

It’s on the web version of the dashboard that setting triggers is unclear! It shows several panels you can change - max/min/step/trigger. It is not at all clear how they relate and how changing them affects anything.
Do max/min mean you can set a range withing which the trigger will be applied? eg +5deg to +15 deg?
Does the value have to be in that range?
What is the purpose of the “step” setting?

you can change each value and you will come to know what each parameter is for.