Making use of 3.5in Raspberry Pi Screen

I am working on a project to modernize my RV’s control systems and Cayenne is the core of my project. However last week I got in a 3.5in screen for the Pi and it loos pretty cool and I plan to mount it and the Pi in the vehicle. What I was wondering tho is if there is something cool I could use this touch screen for. Its 320x480, could be useful for buttons, or some gauges, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this? any thoughts on what it could be useful for?

Sounds like a cool project! You should post / share what you have so far. I for one would be eager to see it!

My laptop is a touch screen and it’s always a powerful feeling to be able to turn on a light bulb through the touch screen. Although since you would be using the Pi browser, it may run into some compatibility issues since it may not be able to handle the modern Cayenne interface.