Can a project's dashboad be made full screen? And other questions


Hello Everyone,

I want to start a new project but have some questions before starting since I would like to know if its possible. I want to change out a double light switch to a raspberry pi, touchscreen, and 2 relays. Once I get it all hooked up, will I be able to put the project’s dashboard, say “BedRoom LightSwitch”, to full screen somehow on the touchscreen? I don’t want to see the Cayenne tabs at the top or the add new device on the side, just the 2 buttons for the lights. Would I be able to have 2 buttons on the touchscreen but have more buttons on another project, say “Whole House”, on my phone? Also is there a way to make the touchscreen turn on when its touched once (this is the point in which you can see the buttons to turn on/off the lights) then go off after like 3 seconds? Thank you for your help.



HI @gwazi9,

It will be my pleasure to answer your questions.

No. This is something that we did not consider, but I think it’s a great idea! Putting this as a future feature on the Cayenne roadmap.

Yes sir.

I don’t think Cayenne would have control over this? This seems like a setting you would edit on your actual phone.

Please keep us updated with your project! It sounds cool. Check out our Projects Made With Cayenne category.



Hello Bestes,

Thank you for your reply. I was thinking about your answers and I got a few more now. When you said I couldn’t run a dashboard in full screen, instead can I run the web browser dashboard on the pi that is being controlled? Technically in this case the command would leave the pi to the server then back to the same pi. Or will the web browser sign me out after X minutes of inactivity? Or once I log in on a second web browser the first one will log out?

I was looking up on the part about the screen turning off and on. I think I will have to ssh in and change some screen settings.

Thank you again,


Hi gwazi9,

The ability to set your auto-logout time is on the Cayenne roadmap, but currently you will eventually time out from inactivity. Logging in on another browser or machine won’t speed this up or auto-kick you, however.

As far as running the web browser dashboard on the Pi itself, I think it would come down to the browser of your choice. I don’t see any technical reason stopping it, but it’s not something we’ve spent time targeting so be aware of potential issues. Would love to hear your experiences and which browser you ultimately choose.


Just for fun I tried with the default ‘Web Browser’ app built into Raspbian Jessie.

I would say that things work – I’m able to access my devices and manipulate dashboard widgets, but it might be a frustrating experience as our website is feature intensive and as amazing as they are, Raspberry Pi’s are still pretty underpowered. Basically it works, but it will be slow – I overwhelmed my Pi’s browser by clicking on things too quickly.