Manage trigger and event together

Hello I’m new to this fantastic world. I woul like to understant if there is a way to manage an event with a trigger condition. I try to explain better, I’m driving a water pump with the events but I woul like to power on it at that time only if the temperature reach a treshold. In my project there is a simple relay and a temperature sensor, arduino uno of course.
Thanks in advance for your support

@askfus it is very simple with cayenne.
first add analog sensor widget to get the temperature sensor reading and then digital actuator to control the relay.
now on the temperature sensor icon on your dashboard you will have a setting option(gear icon) on clicking you will see trigger option.
fill in all the details and you are all set with your project.
if you get stuck. please revert back…

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@shramik_salgaonkar thanks for your prompt reply. my be I missed something.
what you say is clear but my problem is to start my pump at 6.00 if the temperature is greather than 25°. the figures are just an example. 2 condition, time on one side and trigger on the other.

this may be achieved on programming side.
you schedule relay with virtual pin (V1) at 6:00 to turn on. then on programming side read the value of V1 if it high or low.
At 6:00 V1 will be high and then check whether the temperature is above 25 or not. if temperature is above turn on the realy.
give this a try and let me know if this works.

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@shramik_salgaonkar yes I did it from programming side. my challenge was to understand if it is possible to mange directly from cayenne, if I got the point it’s not possible or anyway has to be a mix, cayenne + programming side

using cayenne itself we can do alot of stuff.
but in your situation @askfus which a bit complex i think you have to mix cayenne and programming.

@shramik_salgaonkar thanks i will try to do it. looking in the community i found something that can be useful for me Home heating control automation

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