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Hello guys,

I want to trigger an actuator (water heater) when the water temperature is below 25 degrees C. I just see the options to send an email or text message. Is this possible?

Also want to do this triggering just in some time window i.e 05-06:00h and 16:00-19:00.

Is it possible to do it?


Hello Sir,
All that you have listed is possible!
Open the triggers tab and with drag and drop add the device and insert the sensor in the if section, then add the actuator device in the “then” section with drag and drop!

And then you can make a new trigger to send email or messages when the actuator is on/off :slight_smile:

About the time trigger - you can use scheduling.

If you need more detailed information, I can give you a screenshots!

Hey @ognqn.chikov,

How would you accomplish it so the trigger only runs during those time windows? Pehaps I’m not being clever enough this morning, I’ve not yet had my :coffee:

I’m thinking you could connect the Pi via MQTT and use scheduled event to trigger a button that then executed a python script on the Pi to handle the triggering? But do you have some way to do this so the Pi doesn’t have to be connected through the MQTT API and the logic stays in Cayenne?

I think that I can add an event that at 5:00 o’clock start the irrigation and then another event that at 6 o’clock to stop the irrigation?

Yes, but how do you run the actuator only when it is 5:00 to 6:00 AND the sensor is < 25C ?

That’s a good question :smiley: I think that he doesn’t need to run it in this interval if it is bellow 25? He is written that want to trigger it in some time and separate if it is bellow 25 degrees?

I read it differently but we can wait for @dart73 to clarify :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’m running Arduino not PI.

I want to heat my water here but don’t want to do it all day long to save energy right?

I have solar energy to heat the system but when it´s not enough it will activate an auxiliary electrical heating system.

So I need to check a condition. I’m checking my boiler water temperature (NTC 10K working :slight_smile: ) and if it´s below 35 degrees C I need to activate the electrical heater. But just want to do this time windows 16:00-19:00 and 05:00-07:00.

Did you get this?


I understand now, thank you.

Right now the capability of the Triggers engine is fairly limited when it comes to executing a trigger with multiple conditions. We’re going to me making improvements to this in the future so it can handle things like multiple conditions, more complex Boolean logic, etc.

In the meantime you could hack it if you offloaded one of the conditions to your Arduino sketch file where you have the fully ability to run custom code.

I’m thinking something like using Cayenne’s trigger engine to set a Virtual Pin value when the temp is lower than 25C. Then your sketch code could monitor the value of the Virtual Pin, and when it is a certain value, it could also check the time and only change the state of the actuator from the sketch code when both conditions are met.

There may be a more clever way to do this, so I’m open to other suggestions from the community!

@rsiegel you were right :slight_smile: I like your suggestion for workaround :slight_smile:

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Triggering a virtual pin then reading the value of that pin to make a decision is what I had in mind too

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