Manual Connection

I am stuck at here after upload. Please help.

[560] IP: 10.XXX.XXX.XX
[561] Connecting to
[1438] Connected
[1692] Publish: topic 4, channel 65534, value Arduino Mega, subkey , key
[1705] Publish: topic 6, channel 65534, value ATmega2560, subkey , key
[1781] Publish: topic 7, channel 65534, value 16000000, subkey , key
[1855] Publish: topic 5, channel 65534, value 1.3.0, subkey , key

which device are you using and can you share the code. Any specific reason to use the manual code?

I have a post here that shows how to use pubsubclient to connect, but from your output that’s not what you are doing. What do you mean by manual connection?

i guess he meant this

Ah, yes forgot about that one. @teras.olive if you are getting that exact output where it stops mid print then I would suggest checking your power supply, or trying another one.

I am using Arduino Mega2560 with ethernet shield w5100. I need to set static IP and DNS because the company blocks the dynamic IP for security.

share the code you are using.

#define CAYENNE_DEBUG // Uncomment to show debug messages
#define CAYENNE_PRINT Serial // Comment this out to disable prints and save space
#include <CayenneMQTTEthernet.h>
//#include <CayenneMQTTEthernetW5500.h> // Uncomment this and comment out CayenneMQTTEthernet.h to use an Ethernet 2 shield or other Ethernet W5500 shield.
// You will need the Ethernet2 library installed. See the ArduinoEthernetW5500 example sketch for more info.
//#include <CayenneMQTTEthernetW5200.h> // Uncomment this and comment out CayenneMQTTEthernet.h to use an Ethernet W5200 shield.
// You will need the EthernetW5200 library installed. See the ArduinoEthernetW5200 example sketch for more info.
#include <MemoryFree.h>
#include “DHT.h”

// Cayenne authentication info. This should be obtained from the Cayenne Dashboard.
char username = " ";
char password = " ";
char clientID = " ";

// Mac address should be different for each device in your LAN
byte arduino_mac = { 0x00, 0x01, 0xBA, 0xFE, 0xFE, 0xCC };
IPAddress arduino_ip(10, XXX, XXX, XXX);
IPAddress dns_ip(10, XXX, XXX, XXX);
IPAddress gateway_ip(10, XXX, XXX, XXX);
IPAddress subnet_mask(255, XXX, XXX, XXX);

Arduino uses digital pins 10, 11, 12, and 13 (SPI) to communicate with the W5100 on the ethernet shield. These pins cannot be used for general i/o.

it is affected? because when i am doing directly example Ethernet w5100 it run smoothly.

this pins are used for communication between uno and ethernet shield, so using them causes to disconnect from internet.

right i have another question how to make that cayenne sent received data acknowledgement to Arduino?

this cannot be done.