Message limits and dht11 sensor

I would like to say I am VERY new to raspberry pi and cayenne and I know next to nothing about python or coding in general. I am learning but you may have to talk down to me to help me understand lol. So for my first project ever I am trying to get a dht11 temp/humidity sensor to work with cayenne. I was successful for about 30 mins. It seemed to be working fine then all of a sudden it just stopped updating. After some research I was convinced I must of reached the 60 messages per min limit. I got it working using youtube and a bunch of different forums and it was a stroke of luck. I have no idea now I done it so I have no idea how to fix the message sending rate. So to fix it I thought I would start over and pay closer attention to the code to see if I could see if there was something to do with message sending times. I cleared my dashboard and started over. Not only did I not see where to change how often to send message but I also cant seem to get it to appear on my dashboard again and im at my wits end. Please, if anyone has an idea or any info that might help I would be grateful. I have a raspberry pi 3 B and a dht11 sensor running raspbian. I know the dashboard is communicating with the pi because I can push the reset button on my dashboard and the pi resets. I included a pic of my dashboard. On the left under my pi you can see the two sensors labeled grow room but I cannot do anything with them. if I click on them nothing happens. PLEASE HELP

There was a slight issue on new dashboard - a fix has been made. Let us know if you are experiencing the same problem.

@asanchezdelc They popped back up and I believe everything is working again. I dug in a little more and I think I found my message limit problem as well. Thank you for your reply it was very much appreciated.

For raspberry pi + DHT11, first, add a pi agent to your cayenne dashboard then add the DHT plugin GitHub - myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-dht: A DHT sensor plugin for Cayenne. with this you don’t need any python code and nor you have to worry about the rate limit.

I just added this sensor but found the data could be very erratic, weird random peaks and troughs.

I mean to try this data smoothing code, when I can figure out where to put it and what changes I need to make for my application: [SOLVED] DHT sensor occasionally returning spurious values - #10 by RobertLucian - GrovePi - Dexter Industries Forum