Message Unreachable


Good afternoon!!!
I have a Raspberry PI3

I’m having trouble adding devices like digital relay outputs.
When I add a device in “MCP 23017”, they initially work
Perfectly, after turning off and on the board the devices return msg (Unreachable)

Why not recognize the device when you turn on the card ???

When adding the devices to the MCP3008, they work perfectly, not
Presenting previous problem.

What I’m doing wrong, I need help !!!


Hi @josecarlospaitl,

You mean that they become ‘unreachable’ after the Pi has been powered off any then back on again, even though Cayenne sees that Pi as online?

I don’t have an MCP23017 in front of me to reproduce, but the first things I’d try are the ‘Reset Dashboard’ command from the upper-right settings gear menu when the Pi with the MCP23017 attached is selected. If that makes the widgets no longer ‘unreachable’, of course verify that it lasts through a reboot of the Pi.

If that doesn’t do it, try deleting and re-adding the widgets which are having this issue. If that still doesn’t do it, let us know and I’ll connect you with a developer who should know more about this issue.