Modify trigger notification messages


Hi, Is it possible on cayenne to make custom messages for trigger notifications when sent from email or sms? Or do you know how else I can do?



This isn’t possible in Cayenne right now but it is on our development roadmap. We’ll be sure to update the forum when this feature is released.


Hi, may I know is there any update on this feature?


Still no news on custom trigger notifications?


You can give new web hook feature a try to send a email through IFTTT .


It’s posibly to change the text in the email notification? And in the sms text ?

Thank you for your great job !!


have a look at this Webhook And IFTTT


Thank you very much for your answer. Now i can send emails and sms with my own text !


keep this is mind


Yes, I kwon the limit of 10 sms for non US users… Now i have my applet pause until next month!! :wink:


also have a look at this topic so you dont hit the limit next month also Sending a lot of SMS alert and email