Webhook And IFTTT

using cayenne webhook trigger feature we will send a custom message notification to the mobile. we will be also using IFTTT for this. Explore - IFTTT You can replace the SMS service with other services provided by IFTT. https://ifttt.com/search.

  1. Add a new device to the cayenne dashboard. Here is a tutorial to get started Adding a New Device using MQTT

  2. Add a button to dashboard by following the step to add an actuator from the above tutorial.image

  3. Create a new account in https://ifttt.com/

  4. Let’s start by creating a new applet.image

  5. add the “this” condition.

  1. Search for webhooks.


  1. Add a new event name and create the trigger.

  2. Now we will create the action.

  3. Choose the action you want to be executed when the trigger happens.image

  4. I will send an SMS notification to my mobile when the button is pressed.

  5. You need to verify your mobile number in next step.

  6. Add the custom message you want when the button is pressed

  7. Create action and click Finish. This complete adding an applet.

  8. Search for webhook Sevice.image

  9. Click on setting to get the URL.image

  10. On cayenne dashboard navigate to triggers.image

  11. Drag and drop the device into the IF condition. Select the button widget and the ON action.image

  12. Click on the Setup Webhook option in THEN.image

  13. Select POST and Add this URL by replacing xxxxxxx… by your URL last parameter from webhook setting. https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/webhook_testing/with/key/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. Click save and it is done.

When you turn ON the button on your dashboard, we get an SMS notification about it.



Make sure the run counter is incremented, indicating the trigger has successfully occurred.


Nice write up!

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@adam looking forward to see come cool project using this from you.

SMS option not available in IFTTT anymore. Please advise other work around to achieve this.

ohh, let me check it out.

it is still present. Not sure what you are looking at.

It’s not available any more please find link below


okay, well the alternative solution is provided in the same link you provided. Not the best alternative but i guess you can work it out.

How do we post channel values to the webhook? I want to post a temperature as a value, but cannot find documentation. Thanks!

Hi, Sorry but that does not work for me. Perhaps it is a problem of phone number: What is the format of phone number for the france please ? +3306****** or 003306****** or 3306****** or ??? Thank you

the SMS service mentioned in the post has been terminated by IFTTT.

I have used “SMS Android”.
Is there an other alternative ?

i have not tired that service, so not sure how it works.

sir, please instruct me, when I use the explore menu on IFTTT I find the SMS service. but if I try to create, there is no SMS service displayed in the “that” section.

there is no SMS service display when selecting the “that” section

but in the exlpore menu, there is an SMS service displayed

how to make the SMS service when it can be found or can also be found in the “that” section.

How about it Sir?

thats what i mentioned, the SMS service is no longer supported,

is there a replacement ? what about the android sms service?

i have not tried any other service. but you can give it a try.